The Big Short – a revenge story that gives hope.

he truth will set you free, at least that’s what they say. Not many movies, even the ones categorized as “Sci-Fi”, mention many uncomfortable truths. The Big Short however, manages to very accurately touch upon an issue that has been plaguing society since pretty much the 15th century – banking.

The wealth, power and control that banks have managed to accumulate throughout the centuries has only increased. In the present day, this power is no longer restricted by borders, different currencies or even laws. The banking cartel is operates on a global scale and with great efficiency. This is why so many people consider “The Big Short” a masterpiece.

Everyone loves an underdog story, but this is far more than that. The movie shows the lives of men who have been inside the banking system. Smart, intelligent men who have seen what this endless power does the ordinary people. How ordinary people lose their lives and homes overnight, while people with billions to their name evade every financial crime they have committed through nepotism and payouts.

The movie’s setting gives you the opinion to experience system with a moral code. All the characters are extremely intelligent, but for some reason have a working moral compass. Of course, the plan they create to take their revenge on the banking cartel is foolish and reckless at first sight, but turns out it’s something that not even the best and brightest in the financial world could foresee.

Many of the biggest critics of the movie claim that such a scenario would never be allowed to happen and the movie should indeed be classified as Sci-Fi. This is however, a sad truth, but the movie’s message and idea is way more than a few ex-banking employees getting away with billions in profit. It’s actually about what power, greed and money can do if they are left unchecked. This is way beyond government control or any financial institution. The Big Short very accurately portrays that when something is allowed to grow to this scale, it will inevitably become immune to any form of criticism or law enforcement due to the power, influence and funds at its disposal.